Josh Matthews On Tessa Blanchard VS. Sami Callihan, AEW Thoughts, Celebrating 20 Years In The Business and more

IMPACT play-by-play commentator Josh Matthews was interviewed by NBC Sports Radio Pro Wrestling 24/7 to talk about the ongoing Sami Callihan versus Tessa Blanchard feud that recently headlined Slammiversary. Matthews also discusses celebrating 20 years in the wrestling business, intergender matchups, and gives his thoughts on the newly formed All Elite Wrestling. Highlights are below.

Callihan versus Blanchard:

I think a lot of people that watch what we’re doing right now understand that what we’re putting on is a very compelling 2 hour wrestling show every single week and we don’t insult the intelligence of the audience, it’s a great show, it’s a great wrestling show with some fun storylines intertwined, some of these matches have been absolutely incredible. Rich Swann & Michael Elgin had a match a few months ago that was incredible, everytime Rich gets in the ring it’s an instant classic and Sami Callihan & Tessa Blanchard are doing something amazing right now, they made history at Slammiversary and tomorrow night with Part 2 we’re going to see who goes on to become number one contender. So there’s a path right now for Tessa to become World Champion.

Even if she just gets the opportunity to challenge for the title, that’s so special and spectacular. I don’t think we got the ending we deserved at Slammiversary with Sami winning that match, but anything can happen & we’ll see what happens tomorrow night.

Celebrating 20 years in the wrestling industry:

I just celebrated my 20th year, consecutive year in wrestling so it’s still sometimes is surreal, but it’s a lot of hard work we’re trying to build something and grow something so you don’t get the opportunity to think about that right. I’m married to someone who’s in wrestling so in our house it’s wrestling 24/7 so unfortunately it always goes back to the business and those are always the topics in our house every night.

AEW thoughts:

I think it’s great, Cody Rhodes is a family friend and we’ve been friends for a long time so I wish Cody, Brandi and all of those guys nothing but huge success. It’s more work for everybody in our amazing sport so I hope that they succeed.

Intergender matches:

We have both where mixed tag men face men, women face women & intergender matches where men can fight women, I think we need a name to brand it because Sami & Tessa is so much more than that and just calling it intergender doesn’t give it the justice it deserves.

Check out the full interview below.

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