JR On Whether NWA Promoters Actually Held A Meeting To Discuss Killing Vince McMahon

On the latest episode of “Grilling JR”, Jim Ross admits that a meeting actually was held between NWA Promoters and the topic of killing Vince McMahon was brought up. Here’s his recount of the meeting:

It’s a true story. Watts and I flew to Kansas City. I believe it was Kansas City, or St. Louis, for a meeting of these promoters to figure out how to combat Vince McMahon’s amazing growth of the wrestling business and the expansion of WWE, which was coming into these sovereign territories, and what we were gonna do. So anyway, I said ‘Well, why am I going?’ [Watts said] ‘You’re gonna learn something, and I want you to go to listen. And I want to know what you think. But you’re gonna learn things that you’ll be able to use if you stay in this god-damned business.’ Okay.

So it’s a nice ride. You’re flying with the boss, he’s the pilot. We were in his plane, a little zip up and down from Tulsa to either Kansas City or St. Louis. We get a car, go to the hotel. And he said, ‘We’re not gonna learn a god damned thing here, kid.’ He said, ‘These sons of a b***h can’t even agree on where to have lunch or what to order. So they ain’t gonna agree on nothing anyway. We’re gonna go up there and listen.’ He said, ‘I’ll get some information, we might be able to hear about a talent wanting to leave or whatever. But we’ll come away with some things that we can use, but not as them as a conduit in that respect.

So anyway, we’re getting ready to have lunch, that suspicious mystery lunch. And we had our break, and I make my way to the men’s room. I go into the first available stall. Might have been the only stall in there. And I get down to do my business, and here comes a bunch of guys walking in off of that meeting. Famous wrestling promoters. Hall of Fame men. Some of the most famous men in pro wrestling history, are in my little bathroom. And I’m sitting there trying to be discreet. You ever try to be discreet when you really need to go? It’s hard, it’s very sad. It’s really said. Anyway, they start talking about Vince. So one voice, very distinctive voice, says, ‘I could have the motherf**ker killed for $700. Why don’t we just do that?’ Then like I was surrounded by a bunch of little David Copperfields, my feet started elevating off the floor of the bathroom. Because I didn’t want anybody to see there’s anybody in there. They hadn’t noticed, they hadn’t said anything. And so that was kind of where that ended. They washed their hands, and I can’t wait to lower my feet back to the floor because my abdomen was hurting, ’cause I was in bad shape. And they leave.

So I come out of the — I finished my thing and washed my hands, believe it or not. I said, ‘Cowboy, well that was interesting.’ He says, ‘What?’ And so I told him. He says, ‘Aw, s**t. They’re just flapping their gums, kid. They ain’t gonna do s**t. They couldn’t agree who’s gonna put the $700 in, if that was what they’re gonna do.’ He said, ‘We’re leaving. And we’ll go someplace else and have a good lunch, besides this s**t. Cowboy was more interested in the lunch we had, we got a few names of talents that were [interested] and things were going on. We had some big shows coming up, so if you get a date on Harley, or a date on this guy or that guy, all helped. ’cause he’s not gonna join the Alliance. So he said, ‘We’re going home because they’re done. They’re gonna repeat the same stories this afternoon they did this morning, except they’re gonna be longer and slower. And we’re out of here. Before we get through out last meeting, we’ll be back in Bixby.’ So that’s what we did. So the thought of killing Vince McMahon. The thought was not really expounded upon, like ‘Yeah, how do we go about doing that? Where would it be,’ whatever. It it was basically a matter of fact, ‘Hey, I got a guy who’ll kill him for $700.’ So okay, I need to doo-doo and move on down the road.

You can listen to the podcast below:

Credit: Grilling JR. H/T 411Mania.


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