Ken Anderson On Bret Hart Getting Attacked, David Arquette’s Return To Wrestling

Ken Anderson was recently interview by WINCLY. He discussed Bret Hart being attacked during the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, as well as his disdain for David Arquette in the wrestling business. Here are the highlights:

On David Arquette Being An Embarrassment:

I feel like David made kind of a mockery of our business. He did so way back in the 90s when he won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship on a fluke. Then he went away from awhile, now he’s back, and I don’t know what he’s trying to accomplish. David has never taken the time to get properly trained to do what we do.

He just happened to jump in the ring. He says he set up a ring in his backyard and basically has been training himself by watching YouTube videos. That’s not the proper way to do what we do. Owning a wrestling academy, myself, I’ve spent the last two and a half years grooming the next generation of superstars and teaching them how to properly respect the business and respect those around them. And I feel like he’s just taking the piss.

On Not Thinking Arquette Should Be Wrestling In Deathmatches:

I’m okay with the deathmatch thing, I know there’s a place for it in the business, there’s a place for it in the world. I know he’s trying to clear his name—everybody thinks he’s a joke and it was a big, huge fluke he won the title in the first place, but the deathmatch thing I just don’t understand. He almost died because of it, is it worth it? Is it worth it in the end?

It’s just a thing, I don’t mind it, not everybody likes the same thing. Not everybody likes the same genre of music or movies. Different strokes for different folks, but I’m not personally keen to it. I don’t foresee myself ever going through light tubes, weed whackers, thumbtacks, or anything like that. I guess kudos to him for at least stepping into the ring and trying it because it it has to be a scary endeavor.

On Bret Hart Being Attacked:

I did [see what happened] and I love how my brothers in arms, the wrestlers, just pummeled him and dove into the ring. Guys were coming into the ring from the third row to protect Bret and get Nattie out of the way. There’s sort of a time honored thing where if somebody steps foot in our ring, they are on private property. You won’t end up leaving the same way you came in, I guarantee that.

It has not happened to me personally, but I was on a show where I saw a fan hit the ring during a WWE live event. Shane Helms was in the ring, taunting one of the guys in the front row, he jumped into the ring and Shane just beat the living snot out of him. The best thing about it—we were all watching on the monitor and they brought him through the back, he was in handcuffs, kind of bent over. They asked, ‘Why’d ya do it?’ He said, ‘Shane was taunting me, I started putting my leg over the guardrail and I assumed security would come stop me. When nobody did, and I got both feet on the other side of the guardrail, I was committed. I had to do it or I would look like a p—y.’

You can listen to the interview by clicking HERE

Credit: WINCLY


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