Ken Shamrock On The Changing Landscape Of Pro-Wrestling, Thoughts On AEW and Possible WWE Return

Ken Shamrock On The Changing Landscape Of Pro-Wrestling, Thoughts On AEW and Possible WWE Return

In a new interview with Wrestling Inc, MMA star and former WWE alum Ken Shamrock gives his input on several ongoing stories in the pro-wrestling world. Highlights include Shamrock discussing if he could join AEW, how the landscape of the industry has changed, and whether or not he believes he could potentially return to the WWE.


Absolutely. Especially if you see me at my next show, I’m in better shape than I was in Melbourne. I really have a mental mindset and am very picky about how I look. I hold myself accountable for my fitness and diet. And so, when I step foot in the ring, I want to look nothing less than the best guy out there. I don’t care if he is 22 or 34, I’m going to be better than them. That’s my thing. I’m also going to be able to work better than them. I’m going to push myself to be a better worker and understand with the psychology and the setups and all the things that go on in pro wrestling and push myself to be great.


Everything changes. There is always something new. There is always something different. There are always these people coming up from the bottom up changing the sport, whatever those are, football, baseball, wrestling, basketball, you name it. Just to see the levels of things changing and levels being pushed, boundaries being pushed with athleticism. I think where we are at now in a time for pro wrestling since Vince had bought pretty much every independent show out there that was making any money and WCW also, where there was no competition. With MMA and no holds barred, it literally didn’t give fighters a chance to get a fair deal. To walk in and negotiate a fair deal because there was nowhere else for it to go. I think right now with the way things are going, just in pro wrestling and not MMA yet, I think independent shows are becoming much more stronger.

At least for me, it’s a lot more exciting for me to be able to look at independent shows and know that I can go out there and work, and I’m not on the road rigorously 200 days a year putting on shows over and over again. As opposed to picking the shows I want to go to and be able to wrestle when I want to wrestle and be paid the money that I feel comfortable with. I think independent shows, where they are right now.

They’re able to do that. They are able to pay guys and give them a decent payday to work these independent shows. It’s almost like going back to the beginning where guys used to work territories for a while and go to another territory. Independent shows are starting to build up to that to where guys now can actually work a certain territory for a while and go to another territory and work that independent show. Now you can stream these things through the social media sites, and you can watch them. For me, it’s an exciting time to see where wrestling is going. A lot of the independent shows have these opportunities because there is so much talent out there that they are able to get these guys and not break the bank.

POSSIBLY RETURNING TO WWE: Absolutely, no question. The idea is to able to put myself in a position, just like I’ve done all these years, to keep myself in great shape. There was always the idea to have the opportunity to finish some unfinished business. If that happens, that will be great. That would be awesome. I think for myself, the fans and also the company. I think people would buy into me coming back and actually making a run at that title. But if it doesn’t happen, it’s not one of those things that will keep me up at night. But it’s something I’d like to accomplish. If it doesn’t happen, I’ll be perfectly happy winning all the independent titles.

Shamrock’s next U.S. appearance will be against “Filthy” Tom Lawlor at Ultimate Bar Brawl in Atlanta.


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