Kenny Omega On Whether He Has Any Interest In The WWE, Putting Together 5 Star Matches

Kenny Omega was a recent guest on “The Two Man Power Trip”. During the interview, he discussed how easy it is for him to put together five star matches, as well as whether he has any interest in wrestling for the WWE. Here are the highlights:

On Five Star Matches Being Easy For Him:

It is a lot of pressure and of course it takes two to tango but ironically when I use the word tango I can relate it to and liken it to perhaps ballroom dancing. Where the best dancers in the world can dance in sync with any partners that are professionally trained. Their body responds to every twitch of the muscle fiber and it almost becomes an animalistic response and it becomes reaction and becomes instinct and whether I’ve always had that or not I am not sure but I realized I had this skill in 2016 at the G1 in my first run in the G1. That was perhaps the way I wanted to approach my story telling plus the passion that I had and the pride that I had with my own performances were various components in a gigantic witches brew that allowed me to really evolve myself as a performer and once I made that gigantic evolutionary step I sort of felt that I unlocked the secret to I guess you could call it the five star match. Without sounding too egotistical, a five star match to me is kind of an easy thing to do with almost anybody. The only time I would falter in my quest to have a five star match was when I really go out of my way to try something absolutely new or something that I am unfamiliar with or 100% comfortable with because I could rehash and recycle the same old formula because I know what works but if I start doing that than I’ll stop growing and I don’t feel that I am finished yet in my process or evolution. So, I am still going to get a little frisky and I am still going to try new things but if someone had a gun to my head and said have a five star match with this guy, it is kind of light work at this point and pretty easy stuff.

On Whether He’s Still Interested In The WWE:

Right now no. Zero. Absolutely not. I am 100% focused on what we are doing with AEW and my interest starts and ends with just hoping the best for my friends that are there and I hope they do well, I know WrestleMania is coming up and it is a big show for them and I hope everyone kills it. If everyone is doing well than the industry does well and that is about it. Of course and I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I just wait for the fantasy world which may or may not happen where we’ll work together someday.

You can listen to the interview below:

Credit: Two Man Power Trip. H/T Fightful


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