Kenny Omega On WWE Offer: “I Have Nothing But Great Things To Say About Them.”

We posted earlier about Kenny Omega’s recent interview with Wrestling Observer Radio and the details of his new AEW contract. Omega would also discuss his experience with WWE when they made him an offer, and revealed that he found the process to be much more accommodating than he anticipated.

The most surprising thing to me was just how accommodating and how cool it was to discuss, you know, future with WWE. I didn’t think they’d ever be in the running. I was like ‘yeah, I’ll hear you guys out’ but I didn’t think it’d be good because everyone was telling me, well, what to expect.

I have nothing but great things to say about them…but in the end, AEW was the best thing for me and, you know, it’s the most exciting choice I’ve made in my career.

As well as competing, Omega was named Executive Vice President for AEW on his four-year contract. He is still free to work for NJPW if he pleases.

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