Kenny Omega Talks ESPN, Gaming With Xavier Woods, Announcing His Signing With AEW

Kenny Omega Talks ESPN, Gaming With Xavier Woods, Announcing His Signing With AEW

AEW superstar and Vice President Kenny Omega sat-down with Alicia Tout from AMBY Interviews to discuss all of his ongoings in the pro-wrestling industry. Besides talking about signing with AEW, Omega also comments on his working relationship with ESPN, and his competitive gaming rivalry with WWE star Xavier Woods from the New Day. Check out highlights below.

On keeping his AEW signing a secret from fans:

I love being transparent with people and being openly honest. It pains me when I’m signed under an NDA, or a contractual thing that disallows me to speak openly about something. I just like being honest and it’s hard for me to lie especially to where it’s like what are you doing? If I kind of know, I do want to say that I kind of know. If there’s something in place which stops me from saying what I’m doing it’s so hard to tell people, ‘I can’t tell you.’ I want to because I’m excited about it. I wasn’t forced into any decision. It was a decision I made up on my own. I’m an adult, I make my own decisions and I’m proud of those decisions. When I knew where I was gonna sign, I wanted to announce it immediately but of course, there is always a plan. It was cooler I guess to walk out of the press conference anyway. Truth be told even though I made the decision to sign, it probably was proper to do it at the press conference, because I actually signed like the real contract just moments before walking out.

His working relationship with ESPN covering eSports:

eSports and just gaming, in general, is what I tend to go to. I do gaming as a pastime, as a hobby, but I also am heavily involved in the eSports community as well. I do exhibition gaming, I have an eSports sponsor. I’m working with ESPN as well to do features on some of their athletes and I do commentary as well. I’ll be doing more work at ESPN. I’ll be trying to feature more of their athletes, so that they can get their share of the spotlight and be more well-known in the world of eSports gaming. I’m really gonna kind of push for eSports to be kind of accepted among all other sports in the world. It’s kind of a sub-venture of mine but one that I’m heavily prioritizing just as much as my wrestling.

His gaming rivalry with Xavier Woods:

One person – I’ll give him credit because he’s got courage is Austin Creed, Xavier Woods. He’s got a competitive spirit, a competitive nature. He doesn’t know when to say quit. He tries, I’ll give him credit. He’s got a lot of pride, but I mean that’s his own downfall.

See the interview below.



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