Kenny Omega Talks His Recent "Undertale" Dynamite Entrance: "I Don't Really Care If Anyone Gets It"

Kenny Omega Talks His Recent “Undertale” Dynamite Entrance: “I Don’t Really Care If Anyone Gets It”

AEW superstar Kenny Omega responded to a fan on Twitter who criticized his most recent wrestler entrance on Wednesday’s Dynamite, where The Cleaner dressed up as a character from the popular video game Undertale. The fan in question berated AEW, claiming that the entrance was confusing and served no purpose. Omega responded with, “I just do what I want and I don’t really care if anyone gets it. It’s always gonna be like that.”

When a differed account insinuated that no one cared about a “Cartoon character,” Omega fired back stating that a lot of fans took interest.

Omega wasn’t the only star dressed up for AEW’s Halloween Themed episode. The Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent Beretta) wore costumes from the hit animated series Rick and Morty, and even had a voice-over narration from the actors in the show for their entrance.


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