KENTA Reflects On His Time In NJPW, Says He’s Living His Best Life

NJPW superstar KENTA shared a video message on his Instagram story reflecting on the last year of his pro-wresting life, which included his release from the WWE and his rise as one of the top villains in Japan. The current IWGP NEVER Openweight champion states that he was barely able to wrestle while working WWE, then hypes fans up for his WrestleKingdom 14 showdown with Hirooki Goto.

Could you have imagined? Last year I had a match once a month or twice a month. But a year later I had 17 matches in just one month in the last tour. Honestly, this is huge for me, I realized that I’m living my life. I want you to watch WrestleKingdom. I’m gonna prove what I can do, who the f**k I am, where I belong in this world.

Check out his comments below. (Special thanks to Mean Peach Mox for sharing)


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