Kevin Nash Comments On AEW Possibility, Changing The Format & Time Length Of Raw, and more

Catch au Quotidien interviewed WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash at “Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show” last week-end. This interview is now available on Youtube as you can check out below. Nash gives his opinion of what is wrong with RAW according to him, why he would refuse a role to AEW, he explains how the WCW worked when Nitro went on to 3 hours, gives his opinion on several legends such as Triple H, Goldberg, Eric Bishoff, Vince Russo, Shawn Michaels. He also talks about his acting career and his health.

If tomorrow you were to get a phone call from Tony Khan from AEW for an on-air talent, agent, head of talent…what do you tell him?

My closest friend in the business is Paul Levesque. If I was going to work in the office for somebody it would be with the WWE. I wish them [AEW] well. I think its great that there’s somebody putting some money out there and guys are getting paid again. I left once and it was for the right reasons and I think it was the right payoff. At this point right now I’m happy and I’m a WWE guy.

If today you were the head booker of WWE, what would be the first thing you do?

Change the format of Raw. The beginning is pretty much the same every week where someone comes down and cuts a promo and they get cut off. Basically, the main event is set up in the first 15 – 20 minutes. I think that 3 hours is too long. When we moved Nitro from 2 to 3 hours that was a big killer for us.

Name drop. Thoughts on the following:

Hulk Hogan: Greatest ever.

Triple H: One of my dearest friends.

Eric Bischoff: Visionary. A good friend. And secure my financials for life.

Vince Russo: I think he has a great mind. I think he gets it. I think he books, not for the smart mark, but for the masses. I’ve always thought that he has a very under-rated wrestling mind.

Bill Goldberg: Great guy.

Shawn Michaels: Without Shawn Michaels making a phone call to the Steiner brothers asking if I could come and be his body guard – I don’t know if I would be standing here right now.

Curtain call: If people think that was something that was this big plan to sabotage kayfabe [it wasn’t]. It was organic, four friends saying goodbye to each other.

Whats next for Kevin Nash:

I was just out in LA. I had a bunch of meetings. I’m healthy now. I’m looking for projects as far as acting. I have a friend of mine who is working on a product line. We are trying to bridge fitness and fashion. We’re working on that. It’s called Limitless. Keep an eye out for that. But other than that being an entrepreneur but most importantly a 1099 guy. Not being owned and working my own schedule.

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