Kiera Hogan Talks New IMPACT Deal, Thoughts On Intergender Wrestling, Diamante Relationship and more

Kiera Hogan Talks New IMPACT Deal, Thoughts On Intergender Wrestling, Diamante Relationship and more

IMPACT Knockout Kiera Hogan recently sat down with the Wrestling Epicenter show to talk about her new contract, her relationship with Diamante, working with WOW, and gives her thoughts on intergender wrestling. Highlights are below.

Current role in IMPACT:
“I am having a blast! It is the perfect time to be in Impact Wrestling. To be a Knockout has always been one of my dreams. I just feel like I’m killing it, I’m getting better, I’m growing, I’m making strides, I’m getting hotter with time. I’m juust am so happy to still be with Impact!”

Signing a new two-year deal:
“I just signed a new deal. I’ll be there at least another 2 years. I’m really excited to see what the future holds with Impact. I’m going to keep taking it to the next level and get hotter with time.”

Feud with Rosemary/Su Yung
“I really enjoy it. I think it helps with character development especially now, being in the position that I’m in. I think it really gave my blue flame character some back story. I just think it has given good character development and now you can go back and say, “Oh, so this is why she’s like that.” I enjoy it. I absolutely love it!”

Character changes:
“She got a little darker. She found her hotter side. She got the blue flame and it has engulfed all of it. I’m the hottest thing… People are going to really see the evolution of this blue flame character because I’m coming up with new things. I think people are really going to enjoy the ride that I have ready for this.”

On Ember Moon borrowing from her look:
“I have the words “Aspire to Inspire” tattoed on my arm. Literally, my life’s quote is “Aspire to Inspire.” If I can inspire anything, I’ve done my job and that’s it, honestly. (laughs)”

Feud with Jordynne Grace:
“I really enjoy working with Jordynne. She makes me do things I would never do. She takes me out of my comfort zone. She’s just really, overall, a good performer, a good entertainer, a good wrestler. Shes definitely one of my favorite opponents in Impact.”

The Tessa Blanchard/Sami Callihan Slammiversary main event:
“I think we are breaking the glass ceiling with inter-gender wrestling in Impact Wrestling. I was an inter-gender champion. I think that the women can keep up with the men. Why not take it one step further and prove it? Put us in the ring with the men… Put us in the main event against the men! I think Tessa is killing it being a complete advocate for inter-gender wrestling. She’s showing the men that she can keep up. That is literally all we want – To be seen as equals and nothing less.”

Coming out and her relationship with Diamante:
“It was just something that people didn’t know. I didn’t like to talk about it because I was scared. In my younger days, I got called names, was bullied, had death threats. I was scarred. I didn’t want to lose friends over it. Back then, people weren’t aware of it so it was foreign to them. But, coming out and talking about my relationship with my friends and peers, there has been nothing but an outpouring of love and support from everyone. We haven’t gotten anything negative. It is a new day and age in 2019 is the year of everybody finding their truth and being completely happy. I think that is what I’ve been able to accomplsih – True and utter happiness in being myself.”

Being an advocate:
“I’m going to carry that flag high into battle. I am just so happy with my truth and I want to speak on it. I want to speak the positives on it because there is a positive being in the position that I’m in speaking out. With so much negativity and people shunning you and being ashamed… I want to be able to tell people that it is OK to speak your truth, it is OK to be your truth, it is OK to be who you are. This has never happened before in Impact. I’m able to be an advocate and go on my Pride Press Tour, that’s what I’m calling it. (laughs) I’m just excited, grateful, and blessed to be able to speak on being happy with your truth.”

On David McLane saying Kiera Hogan and Diamante form a Tag Team in WOW Season 2:
“I don’t know! Season 2 premieres September 7th (on AXS TV) so I guess you’ll just have to tune in and watch! (laughs)”

Working for WOW:
“I love working with WOW. My first season was an awesome experience. I think WOW was able to boost me as a wrestler and a performer. I think David McLane is just an amazing human being. He is just completely and utterly amazing. He’s helped take me to the next level. In season 2, you’ll be able to see that. David has helped me in a lot of different things – Not just WOW. He’s an amazing business man. He’s an amazing person. He loves women’s wrestling and that is something that he is a huge advocate for.”

On her plans for the actual Bound for Glory PPV:
“You know, I haven’t really thought about it. I would hope that I’m on the card for Bound for Glory – Not just doing all this stuff. (laughs) I’m just kidding. I would just love to be a part of the pay per view. I think the only pay per view I was a part of was Redemption and that was in my first year with the company. I have a lot of ideas of what I would like to do with my look and my entrance gear. So, if I do happen to be a part, I do kind of already have myself ready for it.”


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