Kofi Kingston’s High School Wrestling Coach On Whether Fame Has Gotten To Kofi’s Head

The Boston Globe did a full length feature on Kofi Kingston and as part of the feature, interviewed Kofi along with his high school wrestling coach, Larry Tremblay. Here are the highlights:

On How Much It Means To Kofi For His Picture To Be Up On His High School Wall:

It’s really humbling to be up on the wall with him because he paid the ultimate sacrifice. It’s way more inspiring than what I do. It’s just amazing because of how much of a high regard that coach holds me.

Tremblay On Kofi Not Letting Success Get To His Head:

The kid doesn’t get it that he’s big time. It’s probably one of the biggest sporting and entertainment events of the year. People yelling ‘Kofi, Kofi.’ It was unreal.

You can read the full piece by clicking HERE

Credit: Boston Globe.

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