Kurt Angle Q&A, Ric Flair Commitment Ceremony, The Miz Refuses Challenge, The IIconics

Kurt Angle Q&A, Ric Flair Commitment Ceremony, The Miz Refuses Challenge, The IIconics

  • This past Tuesday on Smackdown, Daniel Bryan laid out a challenge to The Miz for a match at SummerSlam. Miz replied yesterday on Instagram with the following video. Miz said, “I’ve heard his challenge. I’ve seen your questions. And my answer is no. I’m in the prime of my career. I have a gorgeous wife, a beautiful daughter, a hit docuseries Miz & Mrs. on the USA Network. And not only that, on SmackDown Live I’m the most must see superstar on that program. I’m carrying Tuesday nights. You think that just because Daniel Bryan challenges me at SummerSlam, a huge event like SummerSlam, I’m going to accept that challenge? No. I deserve more. I’m an elite level of talent. Any show that I’m on, I make it A-list. Whether it’s Raw, SmackDown, any ppv. I make it must see, and I deserve better than a match with Daniel Bryan. So the answer is no.”

    The answer is NO.

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  • Yesterday on Twitter The IIconics posted a video promo making fun of Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. Stirring the pot by saying Charlotte has gained entry to the match at SummerSlam by doing absolutely nothing.

  • Mike Johnson from PWInsider is reporting that Ric Flair and his fiancé, Wendy Barlow, have been sending out invitations for their “commitment ceremony” next month in Florida. Ric and Wendy have been dating for several years and became engaged in July of 2016.

  • Kurt Angle did a Q&A on his Facebook on Friday. Here are the highlights:

    Question: Is there another run as champ for the olympic gold medalist?

    Kurt Angle: I hope so. That’s up to the powers that be. I’m healthy right now. Ready to go if I get called on.

    Question: What consequences will Brock Lesnar face for hitting the F5 on you??

    Kurt Angle: I’m a forgiving man, but I also pick my spots when I retaliate. I will eventually get him back. Or, I could just suspend him after he loses the title at SS. We will see. And he WILL lose the title. My money is on Roman.

    Question: If you could have 1 Hollywood star join the WWE, who would it be & why?

    Kurt Angle: The Rock…LOL. No, my nephew Jon Bernthal. He’s an amazing actor and an incredible athlete. Would LOVE to bring him in.

    Question: What was your best rivalry that you wasnt apart of in wwe history?

    Kurt Angle: WWE best rivalry??? Austin vs Vince McMahon. So entertaining.

    Question: Kurt, with all your tenures with TNA and WWE, which current WWE superstar would you like to face again that you competed against in TNA

    Kurt Angle: Joe, Roode, or AJ. I’ve always felt that those 3 were the best of the best. I hope I get another crack at all of them!

    Question: When will Finn Balor finally get some gold around his waist?

    Kurt Angle: Soon. I think the company wanted to see how durable he was. He’s ready now.

    Question: Favorite match of summer slam 2018?

    Kurt Angle: I haven’t seen them yet. How could I rank matches that gave not occurred yet? LOL. I’m looking forward to many, but Seth vs Dolph will be a barn burner.

    Question: Hey kurt,where is john cena?

    Kurt Angle: I don’t know. I think he had a couple of TV shows and movies he was working on. Don’t forget how consistent John was for 15 years. If he’s taking a break from WWE he deserves it.


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