Lana Is #SALTY That Ronda Rousey Took Her Spot On Total Divas

Lana posted a new video on her Youtube today expressing how upset she is that Ronda Rousey took her place on Total Divas. Quotes and video are below:

Yes. I’m just gonna address the elephant in the room. Yes, I’m very very salty. Bitch, you know I’m salty. I’ve already discussed all the reasons why I’m salty. You wanna know what is adding all the icing on the cake, to my saltiness?

Is the fact that I have read on the internet – rumor has it that Ronda Rousey is possibly taking my spot on Total Divas. Are you kidding me? I understand. Let’s just take a moment…[clapping] Ronda Rousey – baddest woman on the planet. Everyone clap for Ronda Rousey. You have shattered every glass ceiling. You sell out every single pay per view. Apparently, we (WWE) got this FOX deal because of Ronda Rousey. Didn’t know that but I guess that’s what it is.

Congratulations. You came in 3rd place at the olympics and got a bronze medal. Technically, you’re really not the best. Anyways, now you’re a reality star? I thought all you did was diss reality stars. Diss the Bellas. And now you’re taking my spot on Total Divas? Yes I’m salty. Very, very salty.

I’m so furious. I’m so proud of Ronda for being the baddest woman on the planet. But let me tell you. You’re no reality star and you will never be as entertaining as me. Your small little pinky (finger) will never compare to the way I entertain. I have literally yet been entertained by you on Raw. Every time you grab that mic (falls asleep). Thank God you can fight because God knows you can not talk.

Your Youtube channel is the most boring thing I’ve seen in my entire life existence. Not only are you not entertaining, you will never be ravishing…ever. You will never be as ravishing as I am.

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