Lance Archer Threatens KENTA Ahead Of Their G1 Showdown: “I’m Going To Make You Regret Ever Coming Back To Japan”

New Japan star Lance Archer recently cut an intense vulgar promo on KENTA (fka Hideo Itami) ahead of their G1 Climax showdown this Thursday at Korakuen Hall. Archer, who currently stands at 2-0 in the tournament, claims that KENTA isn’t the man he believes he is, and he’ll regret ever coming back to Japan.

KENTA, you’re a bad little son of a bitch, but you’re a little son of bitch and I’m a big mean bastard, and I’m gonna hurt you. You think you came back to New Japan, you think you’re ‘f*cking KENTA,’ you’re not. You’re f*cking shit. I’m gonna hurt you, I’m going to kill you, I’m going to make you ever regret ever coming back to Japan. I’m ‘The American Psycho,’ I’m the one you should be afraid of and KENTA, you’re like everybody else, ‘Everybody Dies.

Check out the footage below. (Transcribed by WrestleZone)


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