Lance Storm On The Creative Strengths Of IMPACT

Lance Storm was recently a guest on “F4D” with Don Callis. During the interview, he discussed the creative team at IMPACT. Here are the highlights:

On Why IMPACT’s Creative Is So Strong:

Going back to when Dave mentioned that he thought that shows better than Raw and SmackDown and obviously not every element of the show is better and it’s subjective at that but I think creative, and that’s what you are talking about, is really IMPACT’s strong suit because obviously you don’t have the big arena, you don’t have 8-10,000 people in the Saddledome for IMPACT so if you want to tune in and go, ‘oh that’s not has big as WWE’, ok yeah it’s not, but creatively I think it’s really strong and that’s the thing that I found with having to pick it up after not watching for a while a couple of months ago and it’s really easy to follow.

On Being Able To Tell The Characters Apart From Each Other:

You know immediately who the good guys are, who the top guys are, who the middle guys are and I think part of this, and this is the real crazy thing with wrestling in this generation is that there is the constant, “it’s live television, we’ve got to do our live show every week” and I think creatively that is one of the downfalls.

On The Benefits To Taping Several Shows At The Same Time:

I think the fact that you guys generally do somewhere between 3 and 5 weeks of tapings in a bunch, it’s like NXT, everyone’s says NXT is better creatively that the main roster and they do it too because I saw it first hand when I came to Scott’s house in Windsor the night before the first night of tapings. We all sat down and Jimmy ran through the four weeks of shows and it’s like you got to make them make sense and follow a cohesive line and it’s like once you start, you can as you said tweak and adjust little things but it’s like you can’t go off on tangents anymore. We got 4 weeks put together and I think that’s IMPACT’s strength because each show connects to the one before and it’s setting up the one after and you don’t have that — someone has a quick idea, ‘oh let’s do this’ and you do it because its live and then the next week it’s like, ‘oh s***, that changes what we planned long term’ and it makes IMPACT creatively much easier to follow and I think much easier to get into.

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Credit: 4WD. H/T Himanshu D.

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