Latta’s Lariat #49 : Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns Was Always Happening At Wrestlemania, Now Can You Live With It?


Despite what many on this very site were trying to troll you with propaganda wise, Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns was always happening at Wrestlemania 34. Reigns’ victory in the chamber was the foreground to a familiar ominous feeling that swept over Royal Rumble 2015, Fast Lane 2015, Fastlane 2016, and now Elimination Chamber 2018. The sweeping non-reaction in the air was the result of fans watching the rest of the roster… you guessed it… BOW DOWN IN FRONT OF ROMAN REIGNS LIKE THE WESTSIDE CONNECTION.

First I want to address this mystery of how people were able to convince themselves that anything but Reigns vs Lesnar was happening. I haven’t seen delusion of this sort in wrestling since WWE themselves didn’t think Daniel Bryan was actually over and tried to give the YES chant to the Big Show. It seemed like a rebellion against wrestling reporting, Dave Meltzer (who nails mania main events months ahead of time on a regular basis) and the inevitability that came rushing back last night.

The most puzzling line of thought was “well the TV doesn’t point anything to Reigns winning!” At a certain point, the “Roman Isn’t Winning” folks started to sound like flat-earthers to me. Have there never been swerves in wrestling before? Have you never seen Triple H shoot 3 angles in 5 mins and maybe be in position to half way pay off 1 of them? This is a business built on deception and playing against expectations. WWE weirdly has a tough time taking lay-ups that are given to them by the crowd like Rusev, but they have no problem sticking with #PLANS. WWE did a masterful job hiding Roman Reigns in plain sight for 9 months, and if you want to say TV never pointed this way, you weren’t watching close enough. Let’s go back.

Brock Lesnar defeated Braun Strowman at No Mercy clean, while Roman Reigns dusted off the rapidly declining John Cena. That was essentially the semi-finals of a secret tournament. It was reported essentially after Wrestlemania 33, and the gimmick has been Lesnar beating everyone with a single F-5. I know you’re thinking where did Braun Strowman fit into all this? The answer is he didn’t fit anywhere.

He was a set-up man that grandly overachieved in his role to the point where WWE tried to do their best to maintain his aura because he became a star in the process. It’s why he wasn’t in the Royal Rumble match; they weren’t going to put him in the Royal Rumble if he wasn’t going to win. It’s exactly why he was hidden in a triple threat match with Kane inserted to take the fall. If Strowman is able to recover from a 4th time of people wanting WWE to make him the champion, he’s a transcendent star. At worst they’ve missed the wave, and at best he’s the new Undertaker. I can only hope he wasn’t Dean Ambrose’d, where he is eventually given the title way after people were calling for it, and while his goodwill evaporates during the delay. KEEP HIM AWAY FROM THE MIZ WWE! YOU ARE PLAYING WITH FIRE. DO NOT SHEAMUS THIS MAN!

The biggest criticism of Roman Reigns entire existence is how WWE beats you over the head with him to drive the point home, this is their guy whether you like it or not. WWE has learned from those lessons, and given Reigns the best protective booking of his entire main event run from WM 33 to WM 34. The problem in previous years was WWE revealing their hand too early and going to war with fans from January to April. What they’ve done is cut the time down, and led off with another more exciting marquee match, (Shinsuke Nakamura vs AJ Styles) that would buy them the ability to stick to what they always wanted to do. Now they just had Strowman beat 5 guys to essentially feed him to Reigns right away, but this is clearly superior to the alternative of Roman Reigns throwing every fan favorite out of the Royal Rumble, then us dealing with 3 months of a storyline they can barely start because Brock isn’t going to show up for TV.

They moved around the chess pieces like masterminds, making everything fall into place around the inevitable. WWE has secretly made a peace offering that hasn’t been there in years past, so I ask… Can you live with Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns for the title if it is b-sided with Shinsuke Nakamura vs AJ Styles?

A big part of the problem going into Wrestlemania 31 was no one thought the match could be any good because of Reigns experience level. We don’t have to worry about that this time, as only insane hyberbole which I’m sure is on deck from Paul Heyman and WWE, is the only thing that will make us roll our eyes. Reigns isn’t the best guy in the world as he said a few months ago, but he’s as good as a heavyweight WWE main event wrestler as there has ever been at this point. This is the big one. This is the moment where WWE can hit the play button on their story, as the entire company has been frozen in time for 3 years while Reigns was building accolades to be deemed worthy to be the one to vanquish Brock. **Cough GOLD-BERG**. Anyone else was cut off to never outshine Roman when the time came over and over again.

This is the one where Roman wins the title, and holds it for a LONG time. He didn’t defeat anyone but Strowman in the chamber on purpose. He’s going to have programs with at least half of those guys barring another superstar shake-up. Rollins vs Reigns at Mania, LOL. Strowman vs Brock? Nah we saw it at No Mercy. All roads were leading to Roman vs Brock, and it’s been crystal clear this entire time.  

Recorded Feb 24th.

Rich Latta is a writer for & host of the One Nation Radio Podcast on He appears monthly on Chad Matthews’ podcast The Doc Says after Raw PPVs. GFX by @SirMikeFergus Give him a follow on Twitter, @RichLatta32 or drop him a comment below. If you like hip-hop, check out his music here. Look Him Up On Youtube As Well. 

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