Latta’s Lariat #50: After 9 Years The Usos Have Forced Themselves Off The Sidelines, And Have Me Wondering If They Are The Greatest Tag Team To Ever Live


If Vince McMahon leaves The Usos off Wrestlemania again, fans should rush the ring. Act up! Be Ignorant! Hijack the show! #CancelTheWWENetwork!

The Usos are at their absolute zenith at this very moment, and as they settle into another chapter in the book of “USOS v NEW DAY” it hit me… I’ve never enjoyed a tag team more than I do The Usos in their current form. The Usos were a hall of fame team even as they wore “rainbow” colors and danced as Jey Uso would say. They were the John Cena’s of the tag division early in the decade, before having to regroup due to injury, audience exhaustion, and you know…standing them next to Roman Reigns. This past year has not only given them new life, but an all-time great heel run that was so successful, their performances turned them into outlaw babyfaces as they remade their promos, their outfits, and even their bodies.


I watched this week’s episode of Smackdown and openly wondered if this was a “Top 1” tag team ever. That’s right, not 5 not 10, but the BEST EVER. I’m not holding on this nostalgia of teams from 30 years ago anymore because when I see The Usos do their thing on a weekly basis, The Usos aren’t taking any nights off from excellence. They are literally only in competition with essentially ghosts, and The New Day right now. Not only do The Usos have great matches in spades but they have innovative promos that are half rap verses, and half explosive slam poetry which simultaneously blew away the audience that was familiar with the back and forth promo style evoking memories of Jadakiss and Styles P verses, but it went over the heads of many that weren’t realizing how special what they were seeing was. Eventually sticking with the style has earned them cheers as they deliver line after line of fury. The last Smackdown in Los Angeles is a great example of this.


The Usos chemistry has been built literally like they talk about, since day one. Being twins gives them a leg up on even most great brother tag teams as far as cohesion. We aren’t pining for the Jimmy or Jey Uso singles run because being a tag team IS their run. They’ve cut three different promos this year that had me standing in my living room, playing Bundini Brown to their Muhammad Ali, as they told the world about The Uso Street Code, dared any team to challenge them, and re-established their LEGENDARY feud with The New Day as they detailed how WWE has sidelined them at Wrestlemania time for the last 9 years. Vince McMahon should be jailed for such actions. During that promo, I was ready to throw out this year's inductees, and immediately induct The Usos while they are active. After 2017, The Usos aren’t sitting on the sidelines anymore because this is their time, and they have EARNED it.


All these guys have been missing is an opportunity. The Usos have been perpetual overachievers, far outshining their positions on a given show. After the disrespect that was shown to them at Summerslam 2017, they had the best match before the show even started with The New Day. While the NXT tag revolution was going on, I was waiting for each one of those teams to come up and face Jimmy and Jey and prove it to them. I love The Young Bucks as much as anyone, but they don’t have the juice like these guys. The Usos have taken real-life frustrations that have come out in interviews where they openly threatened to HURT Wrestlemania 34 if they were left off, and made that the fuel that has lifted them to undeniable status. Jey himself turned his recent arrest into a “TRUST ME I KNOW!” that radiated through the screen.


The Usos feel like the toughest guys in different neighborhoods I’ve grown in all my life. Full Floridaism is unapologetically on display and that brings a smile to my face being a Florida resident for the last 14 years. Jey Uso cuts promos with a grill in his mouth. Not phony gold teeth, but a TV Johnny Special.

They’ve climbed the mountain as both heroes and villains, and have emerged on the other side reserved for legends. We’ve seen the wars with The Wyatt Family, The Shield, The Rhodes Brothers, American Alpha 1.0, and The New Day. The 2017 New Day feud, in particular, left nothing but excellent main event level matches, and moments that like The Rap Battle that I’m positive we’re never seeing again in WWE.

Currently in their 5th reign as Tag Team Champions and looking greater than ever, all that is left for The Usos to do is grace the Wrestlemania stage and tear it down like they’ve done everywhere else. Not that there is anything wrong with teams who specialize in TLC matches, or hardcore matches, but The Usos are as complete of a team as there has ever been from the look to the wrestling, to the promos. I hope these guys get all the praise they’ve been earning for the last 5 years soon, and if someone has to start beating the drum for The Usos as the best ever, I’ll be more than happy to. It’s time to start having this conversation.

Rich Latta is a writer for & host of the One Nation Radio Podcast on He appears monthly on Chad Matthews’ podcast The Doc Says after Raw PPVs. GFX by @SirMikeFergus Give him a follow on Twitter, @RichLatta32 or drop him a comment below. If you like hip-hop, check out his music here. Look Him Up On Youtube As Well. 

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