Latta’s Lariat #61: I Always Knew Racist Hulk Hogan Was Coming Back

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Self-admitted racist Hulk Hogan is back. I’ve known this moment has been coming for years. I’ve known the second he was thrown out of WWE, he would be back. The question is how long would it be before the new national anthem of racism, “Real American” was played over arena speakers while adoring fans welcomed Hogan home for their never-ending thirst of nostalgia that his comeback in 2014 somehow didn’t provide. Over the years I saw it coming. I saw him slowly mentioned on the WWE Network, put back in video packages, and casually name-dropped on commentary.

3 Years.

Three calendars it what it took for WWE to feel like it was okay to bring back, Hulk “my daughter should at least be with a 8-foot basketball playing N****R) Hogan. Three years is what it took to massage their sponsors and make them feel like everything will be ok. This was never ALLEGED racism. Forgot what Hogan actually said? I gotcha!

“…I don’t have double standards. I mean, I am a racist, to a point, f***ing n****s…I mean, I’d rather if she was going to f*** some n****, I’d rather have her marry an 8ft tall n***** worth 100 million dollars! ….F****** N****.” – Hulk Hogan

Hogan hit all the bases of racism, down to the “exceptional acceptable negro” being welcome as long as he or his family could benefit from it in some way.

Hulk Hogan himself told us all he was a racist and every single person that wants to say anything different is lying and doesn’t wanna accept what this racist really said when he was caught on those tapes. Why? Because deep down, whether you know it or not, YALL LOVE RACISM, and telling black people to get over racism. I’ve seen people bend over backward online to tell me, a black man, and others why this entire thing isn’t that big of a deal. Here’s a message, you don’t get to regulate my outrage. Now I don’t speak for all black fans, and would never want to try to represent us all because despite what some may think, we are not a monolith. There are plenty of Black wrestling fans who are happy he’s back, and are ready to don fake fu manchu mustaches. But Hulk Hogan returning is another daily reminder, that this world doesn’t care about how black folks feel, let alone Vince McMahon and WWE. But the thing is, I’m COOL with that. I’ve spent my entire life learning that.  Just don’t try to make the only answer of why Hogan could be let back be…TIME.

Hulk Hogan has embarrassed himself to me on all levels since 2015. Never once stringing together an apology without tripping himself up in the process. Someone from TMZ once asked him about the progress of him returning to WWE and asked him about Mark Henry’s comments about Hogan apologizing to black wrestlers. Listen to his response.  

Hulk Hogan all lives mattered his apology. By saying he needed to apologize to all wrestlers, he abdicated himself of the responsibility of speaking about Black wrestlers, which is who he was asked about. I can’t forget when he was pressed about this, he claimed that he used the  N-word in his neighborhood as a regular greeting despite people from the South Tampa area coming out and debunking that myth.

Perhaps this stung so much for me because being a Tampa Bay resident I’ve run into Hulk Hogan around here as many times as I have fingers and toes over the last 15 years. Never once was he unpleasant. He was full of charisma, with a sense of appreciation that despite his celebrity the locals let him operate like a normal person, only exchanging quick hellos, and short conversations that made Hulk Hogan seem like a pretty cool guy. He once quoted a Biggie line to me in reference to a particular shirt I had on that day. Turns out it was all pretend. I never got to meet the real him, and had I known what it was prior to all these meetings and times, I could have kept proceeding with my day. I’d rather know who the racists are than watch them hide their true selves.

When Hogan’s music hits, he’s going to receive a lord’s welcome, and I’ll be disappointed by it, but not surprised. In this or any other version of America, Hogan would have been welcomed back with open arms. I’m only amazed it took this long. WWE was only going to go so long with having their most legendary star in exile. So move over Ric Flair, you’re not the greatest anymore because WWE doesn’t have to pretend Hulk Hogan doesn’t exist. Hulk Hogan offers nothing on a performance level, promo level, or financial level worth anything in 2018 compared to where the rest of their income derives from. They didn’t issue a press release or have him sit down live on their network to let him bare his soul to us. They let him tweet about how he visited the locker room and sent out a tweet from the company’s Twitter account. Hulk Hogan is able to return because racism isn’t that big of a deal to a lot of people, or we should forgive and forget. Whatever type of lunacy that is.

Enjoy that red & yellow bull****.

I expect all the hit dogs to come holler in the comments.

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