Latta’s Lariat #62 : Brock Lesnar Is Facing Roman Reigns At Summerslam, And We’ve Reached Peak WWE Insanity



Stop me if you’ve heard this before. Roman Reigns will be challenging Brock Lesnar for some version of WWE’s World Championship at a major show to finally get this mythical victory WWE is making the gold standard of achievement.

Time has yet again proven to be a flat circle, as WWE will attempt to microwave the 4th major one on one showdown over the next month between the two that comes in addition to several multi-man matches they’ve been part of. The perfect time to finish this whole arc was at Wrestlemania 34, (really it was WM 33) while the match drowned in waves and hijacking not ever seen in comparison to the stage it was on in WWE history.

The grand idea was to stretch it out even further through a screwy cage match finish halfway around the world that was a lesser version than the badly received WM 34 match, that featured Roman Reigns getting his head bust to the white meat, and comically kicking out of 5 F’5s when Brock put guys down (Goldberg, Samoa Joe, Braun Strowman, Kane, and Reigns himself) with just a single 1 over the past year.

Roman Reigns doesn’t feel any stronger going into this match, and the disdain for Lesnar has reached levels where fans would rather him vacate the belt via Fed Ex, rather than to show up and put on these lazy matches he’s been part of for the better part of a few years now. WWE has taken their biggest special attraction and written a storyline to devalue him going into Wrestlemania when most fans were resigned to the idea of Reigns taking it off him already. However, this whole thing hasn’t made fans like Roman any more than they did going into Wrestlemania 31.

I seriously hope WWE isn’t of the mindset that putting this match in Brooklyn, New York will go any better than it did any other place they put it. Wrestlemania 20 will look polite compared to what is in store for this match.

Of course there is a Money In The Bank briefcase floating around currently held by Braun Strowman, but as time goes on it feels more like a consolation prize, that can even be brought into question now that he can potentially lose the briefcase to Kevin Owens, which in theory could allow WWE to fall back on their chickensh*t heel champion trope as they go into football season with an Owens/Reigns program if they didn’t want to go to back to Reigns/Strowman so quickly. Strowman was quietly moved out of being in the mini-tournament and the reason given was that he had the briefcase, and now he finds himself in the position of possibly getting no title shot, or even the chance to get the title shot.

The man to beat Brock Lesnar, or just hold the title period has BEEN Braun Strowman for about a year now. Some have brought up him potentially being a limited champion. However, Braun Strowman has been limited essentially his whole career and won fans over just fine. While he’s not hot at the level he once was (think Oct 2017) he’s still overwhelmingly cheered and will impress in the right situations. If you ever hear someone give you the limited argument, they probably are fine with babyfaces getting booed out of the building.

The rest of the roster has been spotlighted in such a way where no one else was going to be able to challenge Lesnar without a serious, “what has he done?” question popping up. Balor has been killed left and right from a perception standpoint, Rollins has a glass ceiling over his head that is going to lead him to great opening matches no matter how many times he has a great match on Raw, McIntyre is slow cooking, Owens is gaining some momentum but not there, Lashley just doesn’t have the energy around him, and Strowman has been pacified with a briefcase. Those combined factors and Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar being the Summerslam that was reported way back at the end of May gave us this match that we’re probably tired of but needs to be done once and for all to further eliminate the threat of it hanging over big events much longer.

Personally, I’ve never bought into the company holding Roman Reigns down thing that was just absurd on every level. They’ve moved into the real heart of the issue when they had Reigns quip in a promo on Raw about being shoved down people’s throats. That is perfect! All the dressing it up and trying to disguise what they are doing with him has been one of the greatest sources of the tension, this whole time.

He’s being handled with kid gloves at every turn as if to say, “look he’s NOT being handed everything.” If WWE wants Reigns to be the top star, make him the top star and be done with it. Like the great Joe Clark from “Lean On Me” said, “DON’T F AROUND WITH IT, DO IT EXPEDITIOUSLY.”

While I’d rather Brock Lesnar just mail the belt back and WWE have a tournament for the title, that’s not exactly realistic. I expect a full hi-jacking of mammoth proportions and for WWE to look the other way while someone that the fans are tired of leaves Summerslam with The Universal belt. Unless Braun decides to save us all.

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