Latta’s Lariat #65: The Guide To ALL IN

All In PPV Results from Chicago 9/1/18

On Sept 1st, 2018, ALL IN, the self-financed show presented by Cody & The Young Bucks will emanate from Chicago, Illinois (Hoffman Estates). For those wondering about the origin of this show, Dave Meltzer was asked if ROH could sell 10,000 tickets. Meltzer responded, “Not any time soon.” The bet was then initiated by Cody who said all that was needed was him and The Bucks, and they could fill it up.

While they’ve added much more in terms of star power, (Kenny Omega, Kazuchika Okada, Pentagon) it was an instant sellout due to the powerful movement behind it and moment this seems to be for wrestling fans. It’s been called the “Woodstock” of wrestling from Cody himself, as this looks to be the zenith of the DIY mentality that The Young Bucks and later Cody have come to embody. Whether this is a 1-time thing remains to be seen, but this is an event that will go down in North American wrestling history, as 10k tickets haven’t been sold outside of WWE since 1999.

Using their entrepreneurial spirit, and YouTube show, Being The Elite they’ve put together a really a fun card that looks to have a mix of unique matchups, blow away matchups, and stuff we have no idea on.  Here’s the breakdown.  

*- All In Zero Hour.

Nick Aldis vs Cody – NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship

Keeping it 100, I’m not really excited about this match and many folks I know share that sentiment. An interesting story lies underneath with Cody trying to capture the championship his father once held, but Aldis vs Cody on paper isn’t lighting the world on fire from an in-ring perspective. However, I think both men will be attempting to silence their detractors, and the environment will be electric, which could be enough to get this one to the finish line. I’m predicting we a see a Dusty Finish in tribute to The American Dream.

Kazuchika Okada vs Marty Scurll

The announcement of this match caused mass confusion because I think folks talked themselves into an Okada/Omega level match with Okada. When it was announced to be Marty, who is prone to falling victim to doing his “schtick”, there was an uproar. Bottom line is, Okada doesn’t show up in the US Often, and among this target audience, Scurll is a god. Was Okada going to face Cody no? Omega? Hell No. Work a tag? This isn’t the way either. I think this unique match will be a cool addition to the card actually, and Okada will banish Marty to 205 Live because he’s f**ked.

Joey Janela vs Hangman Page

This match is for the Hardworker Championship of The World. That doesn’t actually exist, but these guys are going to kill themselves to have a great match. Joey Janela has shot to Indy superstardom over the last 18 months, and as long as they don’t say “Hey you’ve got 35 mins” this should be a big move, athletic showdown between two guys that are going to keep growing in profile.

Rey Mysterio, Fenix & Bandido vs The Golden Elite (Kota Ibushi & The Young Bucks)

This is MY main event and rumored to be going on last. A PWG/LuchaLibre/New Japan flip masterpiece waiting to happen. Bandido is a future superduperstar who I saw in New Orleans at the Wrestlecon Supershow, Fenix who has worked in Lucha Underground, Impact Wrestling, CMLL, and AAA, and is a jaw-dropping live performer, and of course the legend Rey Mysterio who gets to watch two more guys capable to taking what he created and carrying it forward. On the other side, the innovative Young Bucks are teaming with arguably the 2018 Wrestler Of The Year in Kota Ibushi. Who wins? Who cares? This is going to be a classic.

Christopher Daniels vs Stephen Amell

Christopher Daniels cut an incredible promo on Being The Elite hyping up this match and making me care way more about it than I would have otherwise. Amell is buddies with Cody, hence his insertion on the card. I’m not sure about the crossover between Arrow fans and Wrestling fans, however, Amell is a decent athlete and Daniels is a reliable hand. It could overachieve.

Madison Rayne vs Britt Baker vs Chelsea Green vs Tessa Blanchard

The star of this match is Impact’s Tessa Blanchard, but I’m sure each woman will get their moments to shine in this match. Chelsea Green is a growing name, and perhaps the most intriguing challenge to Tessa. Madison Rayne is dipping in and out of companies left and right and cashing all the checks. I haven’t caught much of Britt Baker, so this is a stage for her to impress many folks that haven’t seen her previously.

*The Briscoes vs SoCal Uncensored

Dem Boys will be facing off with SoCal Uncensored (Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian) on the All In Zero Hour show. It’ll be there to try to swing some last minute buys for the PPV version. Just a tag match honestly.

*Over Budget Battle Royale (Winner Gets ROH Title Shot)


  • Billy Gunn – Is an Ass Man, WWE Classic Star.
  • Jordynne Grace – Intergender Wrestling God
  • Moose – Impact Wrestling
  • Rocky Romero – Longtime New Japan talent
  • Ethan Page – Impact Wrestling
  • Brian Cage – My buddy Caleb calls him “Lucha Lesnar.”
  • Jimmy Jacobs – Impact Wrestling
  • Marco Stunt – Spectacular Midget Wrestler
  • Brandon Cutler – Never heard of him.

I’ll take Jordynne Grace to challenge for the ROH title.

Jay Lethal vs Jordynne Grace

Intergender Wrestling is a huge thing on the independent scene and I could see it happening here in a newsworthy event. I don’t expect Lethal to lose the title, but it makes for more of a takeaway than him defending against anyone else. Grace is an explosive athlete with power moves for days.

Kenny Omega vs Pentagon Jr.

Along with the 6-man, this match is the spirit of all in. Unique matches that you aren’t going to see anywhere else in the world. The best thing coming out of the non-WWE Universe of wrestling is each groups willingness to make these dream matches happen, and even this one could be a never before, never again. Omega’s non-NJPW appearances are rare, and this is a match that only was going to happen right now on a stage like All In. It’ll be a split crowd because both men have legions of fans that will be cheering them on. This should flat out be incredible.

All In is a moment in time. There may never be another one of these and that drove fans who realize that right now is a special time in wrestling to the building. So many things had to happen for this to even become possible. You can trace a good part of this back to Alpha vs Omega, Cody getting tired of being Stardust, Wrestle Kingdom 11’s main event & more. Whatever is driving this energy, I wish we could put it in a bottle for the rest of time. However, time goes forward always. But regardless of what happens, we will know what HAPPENED that day and what led to it.

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