Rancid Band Member Backing AEW, Critiques WWE

Lars Frederiksen of the band “Rancid” was recently interviewed by “The Kevin Gill Show”. During the interview, Frederiksen revealed that he is backing AEW and offers sharp criticism of the WWE. Here are the highlights:

On Being Pro-AEW:

I’m backing it. We’re talking about Cody Rhodes who’s a great wrestling mind. His dad was one of the best, if not the best wrestling mind/booker. You’d have to be an absolute idiot to not pick up on something, and I don’t think any of Dusty’s sons are idiots. Goldust was one of my dudes, always will be one of my guys. My favorite thing in the world.. what got me excited about wrestling times one million was GOLDUST / STARDUST… That would have catapulted that company (WWE). If they just listened to their audience……

On The WWE Lacking Characters:

In WWE, there’s nothing to get behind. There’s nothing that pops. Like Lemmy (Motorhead) once said: You want your rock stars to look like outer space aliens. I want my wrestlers to look the same way. Or at least have some sort of character or personality.

On The WWE’s Inability To Develop Characters:

Look at Dusty Rhodes or Dick Murdoch; they weren’t in the best shape but they were performers and they could bring you in and make you believe in something. Steven (William) Regal; last of a generation really. Who else is in that company that can even pull you in like that?… It’s like these guys that they bring in for the big shows; you still have me at Undertaker. I don’t give a ****. The Undertaker is the dude right? You’re still going to have me at certain dudes… I’m not saying there’s a lack of talent, it’s a lack of developing the talent or letting the talent take control of their character.

On Joey Ryan:

I love that ******* guy! Part of the reason why this guy got over is because he’s got the strongest dick!!!!! It’s wrestling! It’s ENTERTAINMENT!! There’s a gimmick and there is something to get behind.

You can listen to the interview HERE

Credit: The Kevin Gill Show. H/T 411Mania.

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