Lex Luger On His Battery Charge Against Miss Elizabeth From 2003, Says Marks Were Caused By Their Dogs

Wrestling legend Lex Luger was recently interviewed by Hannibal TV, where the former WCW champion spoke about an altercation with Miss Elizabeth in 2003 that led to his arrest and charge of battery. Luger explains that the situation was misinterpreted, and that the cuts and marks on Elizabeth’s face were caused by their two rowdy dogs. He does admit that he and Elizabeth had been arguing, but that he caused her no physical harm.

We had an argument at the town house I was at. We had parked in the garage, the garage door was open. I don’t know what the neighbor felt she saw, but she had called the police. We both explained to the police that Liz had a mark on her face from walking the dogs a week prior. A scrape mark. The one police guy, we both felt like he wanted to take me to jail. We both told him that we had two dogs, a German Shepard and a Husky. They can get frisky with each other, got wrapped around her legs. She fell down and had an abrasion mark on her face. She had been crying as we had been arguing that night, but it wasn’t a physical thing.

Check it out below.


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