The Late Shift with Steven Bell – Recapping And Grading WWE SmackDown 5/1/18 (Backlash Predictions Part 2, Nakamura/Styles, Sunset On Rusev Day?, More!)

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Join your host, Steven Bell, every Monday and Tuesday night as he recaps and grades WWE Raw and Smackdown, breaking down the hottest topics in pro wrestling along the way! From The HeatSeeker, where we take a look at one of the hottest topics in pro wrestling, to a full, LIVE recap of the just finished show and ultimately an overall grade, this is a show for those who aren’t only “smart” but also intelligent pro wrestling fans. Provided BY a fan, FOR fans, this isn’t a show where you’ll be told what to think. It is, however, a show where you’ll be encouraged to think for yourself.

The Late Shift with Steven Bell is uncensored and contains adult language. All views expressed are solely those of Steven Bell and do not represent those of Lords of Pain, BlogTalk Radio or any of their respective advertisers.


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