Location For “All In 2” Announced

At the C2E2 event in Chicago, AEW Executive Vice Presidents Matt & Nick Jackson of “The Young Bucks”, joined by Kenny Omega, were present for a discussion panel. Before things really got under way, the three Executive VPs of the company couldn’t resist when they revealed that AEW All In 2 will be returning to Chicago in the future.

Here’s the back and forth between The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega during the event:

“Hey Kenny, we should come back [to Chicago],” Nick Jackson says while taking his place on the discussion panel.

After some banter between the group, Omega responds, asking, “For what? A Comic-con?”

As the crowd audibly chants “All In 2!”, Matt points to the fans and says, “Let’s actually do what they’re saying, let’s do that instead.”

“Okay, All In, you know what? A show very near and dear to my heart…I would like something to do with All In Part 2 – or whatever it is that we call it,” Omega continued. “So, heck, I don’t know, what do you say, guys? Let’s maybe do it again?”

“I mean, there’s a particular building here that has our damn faces on the plaque in the entrance, maybe we should go there,” Matt said.

You can watch the video below:


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