LOP Forums Is Back!

LOP Forums Is Back!

LOP Forums is officially back up and running. We’ve got a new look, new logo and loads of fresh conversations already underway on the new and improved board.

If you had been missing the place for the last few days, all is now right with the world. If you haven’t been a member for awhile, come on back. Things are a lot different than they used to be and there’s a whole new board full of discussions for you to join in on.

And if you’ve never been a member of LOP Forums… what are you waiting for? Just click the FORUM button at the top of the page and register now so you can come talk about wrestling (of course), movies, music, sports and pretty much anything else under the sun. You could even join the storied Columns Forum and begin your journey towards writing here on Lords of Pain (or just enjoy the stuff being written by the ridiculously talented roster of columnists that call the CF home).

Again, just click the FORUM button at the top of the page to be taken to the new and improved LOP Forums and register now!


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