LOP Radio RetroShock: WrestleMania 11

You asked for it and well, you got it. Join your pals from LOP Radio’s Aftershock, Steven Bell and Samuel ‘Plan, as they take a look back and give the Aftershock recap treatment to notable shows from the past.

In the debut episode, Sam and Steve take a look back at WrestleMania 11. Most fans view this as one of the weakest WrestleManias in the event’s history, coming at a time when the WWF was arguably as its lowest point both financially and creatively. From the mainstream media courting main event pitting Bam Bam Bigelow against former NFL superstar, Lawrence Taylor, to the match that changed the direction of the company for the next few years, ultimately leading to the Attitude Era, in Shawn Michaels vs Diesel for the WWF Championship.

Is the show as bad as the generally accepted narrative would have you believe? Could it be that history has been too cruel to the 1995 edition of the WWF’s marquee event? Tune in to find out as we break down the show from top to bottom on the debut edition of LOP Radio’s RetroShock!

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