LOPR RetroShock: WCW Halloween Havoc 1998

LOPR RetroShock: WCW Halloween Havoc 1998

Join your pals from LOP Radio’s Aftershock, Steven Bell and Samuel ‘Plan, as they take a look back and give the Aftershock recap treatment to notable shows from the past, this time taking a look at a show chosen by you, the listeners!

Which show might that be? Well, it’s one of the most notable and discussed shows in WCW history, Halloween Havoc 1998. Between the horrible Hogan/Warrior match, Nash vs Hall, Sting vs Bret Hart and the highly regarded main event of DDP vs Goldberg, there’s plenty of solid ring action to discuss. Apart from that, though, there’s also the controversy that surrounds this PPV and how WCW handled it so poorly. Don’t know what that means? Give a listen and find out.

This time will also be somewhat special, as we’re entering unfamiliar territory for ‘Plan, who has never seen a full WCW PPV event. How will our Markitect friend react to venturing outside of his comfort zone? I think we’re looking forward to finding out as much as you guys are.


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