Low Ki Discusses Why He Joined MLW Over Other Promotions, Thoughts On AEW

Former MLW heavyweight champion Low Ki was a recent guest on the WINCLY podcast to talk about what originally attracted him to the company back in 2004. Low Ki details that his relationship with founder Cour Bauer was a big factor, as he believes Bauer to be one of the better business minds behind the industry.

What attracted me with MLW was the original version of MLW which I was a part of in 2004. Then I had a positive experience with Court Bauer despite the fact the company was suffering back then. The integrity that was maintained at that time is something uncommon in this realm of business. A lot of people don’t understand the business aspect of this world. They only focus on the in-ring stuff which is the easier part. The business part is much more difficult and in my interactions with Court, I reminded him of the integrity he had shown which made my decision much easier to join MLW in this new incarnation.

Low Ki would then give his thoughts on AEW, stating that they are the next big thing, but it will reveal certain superstars who are only in it for the money.

To me it’s an opportunity that hasn’t been available for a lot of people. The only problem is: now you’re finding out who the whores are…. Everyone’s going after money. A lot of these guys don’t have any experience to being with, so they wouldn’t normally find the availability of this level of financing. So, of course they are going to go there.

Listen to the full episode of the WINCLY here. 

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