Low Ki On His Style The Transition Of The Industry Towards More Fight-Oriented Matches

Low Ki was a recent guest on the IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass Podcast. During the interview, he discussed his style and how he thinks he helped bridge the gap towards the more “fight-oriented” style of professional wrestling today. Here’s what Low Ki had to say:

As far as my style, I’ve always considered my style adaptive or adaptation. Over time, it’s been seen as more of an American Strong Style, but to me it seems like a more fight-oriented sport presentation that had been lost in American pro wrestling for such a long time because people wanted to be entertainers, rather than competitors. Athletes make more money than entertainers, but they have a shorter window to do it because your body can only take so much punishment before it gives out.

The transition from the Attitude Era—because that’s when I began, at the tail end—the mentality of pro wrestling at that time wasn’t necessarily what I brought to the table. I brought more of the sport-oriented, New Japan, All Japan attack / competitive sport style for the United States, and me being at my size, I’m not Rey Mysterio. I’m not going to fly around and do those type of flash special moves; that’s not my forte, I’m more of a fighter and more of a striker, so that’s what I train for. Because of that, I adapted it very well, and became believable and competitive in the world of pro wrestling, so it was accepted into the culture.

It took a long time to get there, but this is what always had been needed, which is the believability behind pro wrestling. Now with the UFC and MMA being so readily available and aware to the general public, we have to step up our game. Having an influence on that, I don’t necessarily think I had an influence on it as much as I was at least able to let everyone know this is what could be done if you do it this way.

You can listen to the interview below:

Credit: IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass Podcast. H/T Wrestlezone.


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