Major WWE RAW Creative Changes Coming Soon?

New WWE RAW Executive Director Paul Heyman is trying to go with the idea of having less fake dialogue during backstage interviews, making them come across as more realistic, and the idea that there would be more consequences, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

The Observer noted that the idea would be similar to what AEW has been promising, in that wins and losses will matter, and that angles won’t just be forgotten and dropped, and if someone gets hurt one week, then they won’t just be fine and ready to go the next week.

It was also noted that wrestlers have complained for 15 years now about how they will do a big pay-per-view match and want to sell the beating the next day on RAW, and Vince McMahon will allow the mid-card guys to do that, but when the top guys want to do the same, Vince nixes the idea because the guys he wants to protect, he doesn’t want to have appearing weak on TV.

There’s no word yet on when we might see this new way of booking implemented.

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