Mandy Rose Comments On Her Character & Risqué Storylines, Corey Graves’ Flattery, Intergender Matches, and more

In an interview with the New York Post, Mandy Rose discusses her “bombshell” character & risqué storylines, the comments Corey Graves makes about her on television, the idea of inter-gender matches, wanting to emulate Trish Stratus, her best friend Sonya Deville, and the women’s tag team titles. Below are the highlights:

Her “bombshell” character & risqué storylines:

“You know my character, I’m obviously that sexy-hot bombshell that nobody else has. And I feel like it works with me and I feel like we’re very careful and I don’t want to push that envelope [too far]. Obviously, we’ve [the women] come a long way. What we do is entertainment and, you know, I’m really enjoying our story. And I think that it gives me a lot of different opportunities and showcases my character. So, it’s been a lot of fun. I kind of like beating up Naomi. So that’s been a lot of fun, too.”

Her opinion of what Corey Graves says about her on television:

“He says a lot of valid, true points that I’m sure a lot of guys are saying when they see me on TV. It’s only normal. I’m not really fazed by it. I think it’s great that he’s always complimented me and talking about how good I look. He knows what he’s doing, so I’m flattered just like, you know, any other woman would be when a man talks like that about a woman.”

On wanting to be like Trish Stratus:

“She was an amazing performer, a great sports entertainer, but yet she just looked really good doing it. That’s the best of both worlds and where I want to be and I think I’m on my way there.”

The idea of inter-gender matches:

“I think it’s a great time for it. Women are breaking down those barriers and they’re becoming, you know, they’re main-eventing and it’s just been an amazing time for women in general in sports. I feel like, yeah, why not do inter-gender matches? It brings entertainment. It brings a lot of different viewers and demographics and all that, so why not do it?”

Her best friend Sonya Deville:

“The second she said hello, I was like, ‘Hey, what’s up’ and she’s like, ‘Wow, you’re really cool’ and we just hit it off. I don’t know if it’s from we’re both from the Northeast and we just had a lot of similarities. But ever since then we have been nonstop, you know, best friends.”

Falling short on Tough Enough:

“We will never forget when [Sonya] got eliminated early on and she had to go back to her waitressing job and she was working. It humbled her, but also made her want to pursue it even more and the same with me. I think from our experience there and everything we’ve been through, we realized it brought fire and we wanted to keep doing that. It made us not want to give up even more because we had what it took.”

On potentially winning the Women’s Tag Team Titles:

“It will showcase what we bring to the table and I think and, even outside of the ring, we are, you know, we mesh together really well. We work really well together, and it would really mean the world to us to have those titles.”

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