Mark Henry talks to prospects at tryout camp, WWE comments on ROH & NJPW running MSG

Mark Henry talks to prospects at tryout camp, WWE comments on ROH & NJPW running MSG

  • WWE posted a video late yesterday of Mark Henry talking to prospects recently at a tryout camp at the Performance Center in Orlando. This video is, presumably, from the big tryout camp they had at the end of June. In the press release for the event WWE said: “WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry, who referred several of the athletes in attendance, is also on hand to observe the tryout.” Read the press release at this link –

    In the Video Mark talks about how the prospects have pushed each other to work harder. After they finish their drills they go and fire up the next person, encouraging them to finish their drill. Mark says when he first came in he was the first developmental wrestler and they didn’t have all the bugs worked out for that system, and it wasn’t like this for him. He didn’t have it as good as they have it today. As a result he battled with people and it was a problem. Over time he was able to change and become a plus (positive) for the company. Mark says the prospects now are already at a plus level and there is nothing keeping them from being major players in the WWE. Mark goes on to stress the importance of making absolutely sure that this is what they want to get into, because with all the good, comes a lot of bad. Such as missing a lot of important family & social events outside of wrestling. Mark says it’s very difficult to stay in this business 5 years, much less 24. Mark finishes off by saying he loves the business so much that he sacrificed his time but in the end it was worth it.

  • The New York Post published an article yesterday looking at the announcement of Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling running a show at Madison Square Garden on April 6, 2019. A couple of excerpts from the article including WWE’s comment:

    Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro-Wrestling announced Thursday it will host the “G1 Supercard” on April 6, 2019, at Madison Square Garden, the night before WrestleMania at MetLife Stadium. The show, which will feature wrestlers from both companies, will go head-to-head against WWE’s “NXT TakeOver” at Barclays Center that night. It will be the first time the buildings will host wrestling shows up against each other.

    Ring of Honor COO Joe Koff told The Post that the Garden is the “next place we should be playing” after running its “Supercard of Honor” pay-per-view in 4,000-6,000 seat venues the past two years near the site of WrestleMania.

    Ring of Honor and New Japan’s show at the Garden originally appeared like it might not happen after Koff claimed in June that the Garden was backing out after communication with WWE, which had held a stranglehold on the building as far as wrestling shows are concerned. Ring of Honor and New Japan have grown into the most popular alternatives to WWE.

    “MSG is, of course, free to work with ROH [Ring of Honor] however they want,” WWE said.

    The Garden declined comment on Koff’s remarks and the process of bringing the “G1 Supercard” to the building. Whatever caused the change, the show is now happening.

    Read the full article here –


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