Marty Scurll Fires Flip Gordon From Villain Enterprises

On the latest episode of VETV, which following the Ring of Honor faction Villain Enterprises, group leader Marty Scurll fired Flip Gordon right after the latter cut a promo, stating that fans and other wrestlers hate his guts.

You know what Flip that was a great wrestling promo but actually we got the feedback for VETV and it turns out that the fans they f**king hate your guts. People were pissed about you ordering a steak well-done. Even Zach Sabre Jr was pissed about your well-done steak. Anyway, I’m so sorry something came to this, but Flip you’re fired.

You can see the exchange below.

 Scurll did tell Gordon that he can still hang with the group. Gordon would later Tweet about the incident.


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