Marty “The Moth” Martinez Talks His Stint On Tough Enough, Steve Austin & More

Marty “The Moth” Martinez recently sat down with WrestlingInc’s Raj Giri to discuss his Lucha Underground World Title Win as well as his stint on “Tough Enough”. Here are the highlights.

The Moth On His “Tough Enough” Experience:

I see Trish Status, Steve Austin, Bill DeMott, Booker T. and, of course, immediately those ‘holy crap, it’s these people pops up.’ I had to compartmentalize it. OK, that’s my coach, that’s the girl’s coach. I had to take that part and put it aside and they’re just my coaches.

I think I did that in most of the competition, until after the competition and was like ‘holy crap, that just actually happened.’ It’s a giant trip because it’s a guys you watch on TV for so many years and now he’s telling you and explaining to you what you need to do to be a better wrestler.

On His Friendship With Steve Austin:

I think the biggest thing from Tough Enough was my relationship with Steve after, because he was kind enough to give me his cellphone number and keep in contact, and critique matches. He had me send me send him matches to critique. He spent hours on the phone with me because if you ask him one question, he loves to tell stories and that’s why he’s so good at his job because he loves to tell stories.

Honestly, if you ask him a few questions, you can just sit back and listen to ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin talk and I can do that all day.

On The Big Show Opening the Door For His First WWE Tryout:

2007 actually happened because of the The Big Show. WWE never comes to Utah to shoot Raw or shoot any TV here, they just do their house shows and in the house shows they don’t need any extra help. When I was trying to get into the WWE they’d never come around here.

So I had to fly myself to California, fly myself to Texas, fly myself to Colorado. Get to all these places around my state but never in my state. So there was this one year where they usually do a loop, they go to California, they do a house show in Salt Lake [City], they do Denver and they do Texas and I flew myself to that whole loop and Big Show noticed me.

After I introduced myself and told him that I had flown there on my own dime, he walked me in to Laurinaitis and said: ‘Give this man a tryout, he flew himself all these places and deserves a tryout’.

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