Matt Riddle Comments On His Match With Roderick Strong

In an interview with after his match, Matt Riddle discussed overcoming pain to defeat Roderick Strong at last night’s Takeover. Here’s what Riddle had to say:

Not only was it important for my career because beating Roderick Strong, a former champion, that’s an accomplishment in itself. But, after the weeks of torment, him and Undisputed Era, have been putting putting on me: attacking me backstage, getting my sandals all bloody and everything else, and then ruining, blemishing my record even more with that tag match. So I think tonight is just, you know, a long time coming. You know I think Roddy paid what he owed the bro. And that was good. I’m happy about that. But you know my back’s killing me. They don’t call him Messiah of the Backbreaker for nothing. You know, he basically did anything anybody could to beat me and I came out on top. Hit out the Bro Derrick, the new finish, been working on that at the PC, I broke it out on the big show. Thank you, can’t wait to do it again. Bro.

You can listen to the interview below:

Credit: WWE

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