Matt Striker On Being A Victim Of Sexual Abuse & More

Matt Striker On Being A Victim Of Sexual Abuse & More

Matt Striker was recently a guest on “The Roman Show”. During the appearance, he delved into his past experiences with sexual abuse. Here are the highlights:

On Surviving Sexual Abuse:

There’s a lot of things that happened in my life that I don’t share because they are mine, but if I can ever speak about experiences to help people I am not a shame to say right now I was sexually abused, when I was nine years old by a stranger. I struggle with depression. I struggle with social anxiety. When I am not Matt Striker I am the quietest person in the world, but the thing is this, either you give it the power to beat you or you beat it.

On If He Plans To Return To MLW Or LU:

Never say never. It’s not lost on me that I woke up this morning. Everything else is downhill. There’s people that had plans today and didn’t wake up. There’s an old saying ‘If you want to make God laugh tell him your plans.’ I make no plans.

On If He Thinks LU Will Ever Return:

The beauty of pro wrestling and Lucha Underground is that we can create stars overnight. We can take you and put you in a match with Vampiro and next morning everyone will know your name and you’ll be trending worldwide. I am not concerned. Lucha Underground needs to find a new home or maybe a new network.

You can listen to the interview below:

Credit: The Roman Show. H/T Wrestlezone.


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