Matt Sydal On Working With C.M. Punk & Sami Zayn

Matt Sydal was recently interviewed by “Title Match Wrestling”. During the interview, he discussed working with C.M. Punk & Sami Zayn. Here are the highlights:

On Working With Sami Zayn:

I think it was the [Ted Petty Invitational] that I won was when I wrestled Seth Rollins, but the one before that I wrestled [Sami Zayn] and [Kevin Owens], and it was the first day I met those guys, we shook hands, we met that day. My match with [Zayn] that day, still is just, it felt perfect. It was everything we could have asked for, out of two strangers from the blue, but we thought on the same wavelength, we moved at the exact same time. I mean we had perfect timing, it was like a young masterpiece.

On Working With C.M. Punk:

Punk was awesome, he was super cool. Cabana was great, he was fun, they would, you know, lightheartedly pick on me. Punk was always trying to think of something new, I remember him body slamming me off of the top rope and then putting an Anaconda Vice on me, and then I threw maybe under the ring after it … They taught me a lot though, about how to be on the road, on that particular road … They were very much about how to make it last, how to make your dollars last, like how to sell a t-shirt, how to sell a DVD.

You can listen to the interview below:

Credit: Title Match Wrestling. H/T Wrestlezone.


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