Matt Taven Cuts Epic Promo On Jay Lethal Ahead Of Manhattan Mayhem Title Defense

Ring of Honor world champion Matt Taven released a video on social media earlier today calling out Jay Lethal ahead of their showdown this Saturday for Manhattan Mayhem. During the promo, Taven addresses why he left Lethal’s name plates on the side of the belt, explaining that he hasn’t been able to let go of the rivalry that has plagued him for the last seven years.

2,688 days. It’s been 2,688 days since the very first time I stepped in the ring with Jay Lethal. And back than Jay I was just honored to be in the ring with you. I wanted to be where you were, and for the last seven years I’ve chased you down Jay. For the television title, in cage matches, 60-minute draws, ladder matches, waiting for the tipping point. Waiting for the day that Matt Taven could leave you in the dust for good…and at Madison Square Garden I took what you held dearest to you, and for months I kept your name on this title while the Melvins and the human diapers kept asking ‘Why does the title say Jay Lethal?’ It’s because I couldn’t let it go. I wasn’t ready to let it go. I still wanted to pin you in the middle of the ring and prove to everyone that this tipping point is here to stay forever. I will prove to everyone…that I am the ROH world champion…because I’m Matt Taven…and I am better than you Jay Lethal.

You can watch the full promo below.


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