Matt Taven On Competition Between ROH & NJPW, Thoughts On A Title Unification Match & More

Matt Taven was recently interviewed by WINCLY. During the interview, he spoke about PCO’s comments regarding competition between the ROH and NJPW rosters as well as gave his thoughts on a title for title match against Okada. Here are the highlights from the interview:

On PCO’s Comments Regarding Friendly Competition Between ROH & NJPW:

I think that’s something that has made ROH and New Japan to become the companies that they are today. Whether it is a joint show or an individual show, everyone knows how good the entire roster is from top to bottom so they can’t just mail it in.

So, especially on a stage like MSG, there’s nothing but competition between all of the guys. We wanna make our name for ourselves on the biggest stage and leave a lasting memory….You better believe there was a friendly competition on who was gonna go out there and make sure they leave a lasting memory.

On The Potential Of A Title For Title Match Against Okada:

We personally haven’t had that conversation about facing each other,” revealed Taven. “We were able to see each other for a little bit after the show ended… But it was such a busy, hectic night that we took our pictures, talked for a little bit and went on our ways.

It was much when the dust settled that the idea floated into our minds. I haven’t had a chance to talk to him personally, but whoever’s listening to this: Okada-Taven needs to happen sooner than later.

On Enzo & Cass’s Appearance At G1 Supercard:

Honestly, I had no idea what was going on. I had a pretty big match coming up shortly after that, but it wasn’t really until the next day that it really registered.

For me personally, it’s not something that’s on the world champion’s radar. This is probably the most I’ve thought about it or spoke about it. Right here, right now.

On Dalton Castle’s Heel Turn:

To be honest with you, it’s just kind of human nature to be frustrated with everything he’s gone through. Being Dalton Castle. Winning the ROH World Championship. Ducking Matt Taven because you knew he was better than you…

When you come back from an injury, and you think you’re gonna get back to where you were before, and things don’t go as planned, it’s hard to keep doing the same thing. I understand why Dalton feels he needs to change it up. If he stops listening to the Melvins of the crowd, then he’s taking a page out of my playbook which I can’t argue with.

You can listen to the full podcast featuring Matt Taven below:

Credit: WINCLY

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