Matt Taven On Fan Reaction To Winning The ROH World Title & More

Matt Taven was recently interviewed by CBS Pittsburgh. During the interview, he talked about how it felt to win the Ring of Honor World Title at Madison Square Garden and the fan reaction to his victory. Here are the highlights:

On Winning The Ring Of Honor World Title At MSG:

It’s not everyday that someone pictures something when they’re 6 years old and it comes true one day. I had this event, this place, this moment on my mind for so long that I thought I’d be nervous, but going into it I was just so excited. I’m not gonna lie. I walked into the arena part of the building and it kinda hits you all at once. It kinda takes your breath away for a second.

On Being Booed:

There was nothing like when they announced me from Boston, Massachusetts. To hear the chorus of boos that started right then. I knew that this was gonna make for a fun night,” Taven said. “It brings a smile to my face because I knew going in there with one of their darlings like Marty (Scurll) that my plan was to go out there and upset a lot of people.

On The Crowd Reaction To His Win:

You’re looking around at a sold-out Madison Square Garden. You see people jumping for joy. You see people flipping you off. You see people booing, screaming, hoping to God that you don’t do what you’re about to do.

You can read the full interview HERE

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