Matt Taven Talks Career In ROH, The Kingdom, Performing At Madison Square Garden

Matt Taven Talks Career In ROH, The Kingdom, Performing At Madison Square Garden

During a recent appearance on the Cut The Promo Podcast Matt Taven and host Jordan Garber discuss the Ring of Honor star’s career, including his relationship with fellow faction members in The Kingdom, and performing at Madison Square Garden for the joint ROH/NJPW show. Check out some highlights below.

Looking back at his ROH Career.

Wrestling continues to move so fast. If I was to get hurt again or something. The business keeps moving and before you know it there’s a new Matt Taven on the block and somebody takes your place. It’s not like you can sit down and say I did something because in a moment of time… Boom someone passes you by.

On ROH Performing at Madison Square Garden.

With all the things that I’ve seen happen in Ring of Honor doing IPPV’s. I was on the first IPPV and now we’re selling out Madison Square Garden. It’s pretty cool to think of in the moment but you cannot settle because the next things coming. We have Final Battle them its off to Japan and than MSG . It’s just one of those things where the train keeps going but you can’t stop and smell the roses. It’s pretty incredible what I’ve been through and what The Kingdom as a unit has been through.

On the Kingdom and Mike Bennett.

This is as real as it gets. This is my crew, my guys, my homies and my brothers. I mean the stuff that originally happened with me Cole and Bennett was real. That was my real crew on the road and we decided to bring it in front of the screen. Vinny and TK. They always travelled with us too. They came out of the same school as me and Bennett. They were our buddies behind the scenes and when it was time for a change it was a no brainer because this Kingdom is as real as the last one. I think that’s what really makes us standout. We are not done. We are not satisfied. We have plenty of things on our plate to build our legacy further.


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