Mauro Ranallo Said To Be In Good Spirits, Ready For Wednesday

In an update from our report yesterday that Mauro Ranallo would be returning this week to NXT, it’s been said that he is in good spirits. Ranallo is feeling better and ready to return. He didn’t want to wait any longer and is eager to get back to his Wednesday routine.

In case you missed it, Ranallo took some time off from WWE and social media. Nothing official has been said, but its believed that he was offended by a tweet from co-worker Cory Graves that criticized his commentating. After Ranallo deleted his social media account and took time off, Graves did apologize on his podcast “After The Bell,” but didn’t mention Ranallo by name or which tweet he was referring to. Graves claimed later that the tweet was meant to be a part of a storyline that he started by himself so that he and Ranallo could play up the brand war during Survivor Series. Graves has since deleted the tweet.



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