Melissa Santos On Her Favorite Wrestlers To Interview, Trying To Balance Motherhood & Her Career

Melissa Santos was a recent guest on WINCLY. During the interview, she discussed trying to juggle being a mother with her wrestling career and revealed her favorite wrestlers to interview. Here are the highlights:

On Brian Cage As Champ:

There has definitely been growth when it comes to this big guy [motions to Brian Cage]. He was X Division champion. Now he is the Impact champion. I think he is representing them well. Not just because he is my soon-to-be husband and the father of my child, but because he is an incredible talent. He is just one of the amazing talents brought on in the past year, 18 months.

On Balancing Parenthood With Her Career:

It can be a little difficult at times to get my schedule to correlate with the sitter, which the sitter is my mom. She is the only one to watch my baby. It works out. You creatively do things in a different way. You just have to be creative.

The first couple of weeks there was definitely some baby crying, but we have that under control now. We have a sitter to make sure she is corralled around that time, but that’s just the way it’s going to function for now because I’m doing it from home. Or the case I’m doing it from my hotel room. Many times, I’m on set shooting Impact. Then when I’m done, I switch over to do the Twitch.

It’s fun. I like how organic it is. I like to have fun with people. You have the occasional wrestling troll who gets online and says, ‘Is that a baby in the background?’ Absolutely, I’m a mom. If you have a problem with a baby, then I can’t help you with that. I’ve been known to, I don’t want to say clap back, but clap back. I’m very defensive of the things I love. I love Impact. I love what we’re doing. I’m always going to defend the product. I do that on Twitch. Most fans, 99.99 percent are all for it. It’s great to interact with them on the chat rooms to get a feel of what they’re liking and not liking genuinely. It caters to the true Impact fan.

On Her Favorite Wrestlers To Interview:

This is not to downplay anyone else’s flow when we are back there, but Tessa Blanchard has a great flow about her. She goes in and does her promo and it’s done. It’s one shot, where there are others who might take a little bit longer to do their promos. Not saying it’s bad, but it’s kind of like a rapper who is told to rap out of nowhere on a topic. They just do it. Tessa is one of those people. Not only is she incredible in the ring, but she is incredible at doing these promos.

Also, Madison Rayne is amazing. Just really good. You can see how natural it is for her and all her expressions are incredibly organic. So, Tessa and Madison have that similarity. I enjoy that because organically I can respond to that. My expressions come from them organically flowing. It’s like two actors working together where if one actor is flat face and not doing anything, it’s hard to flow because you need that other person. They do it very well.

You can listen to the podcast below:

Credit: WINCLY.

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