Michael Elgin On Who He Wants To Face In IMPACT & More

Michael Elgin was recently interviewed by Steven Jackson. During the interview, he talked about the pressure he feels to delivery at Slammiversary and who he wants to face during his tenure with IMPACT. Here are the highlights:

On Who He Wants To Wrestle In IMPACT:

You know, I was looking forward to wrestling Eddie Edwards since it’s been so long since we’ve wrestled each other. And we actually have been announced for the show on the 5th [Bash at the Brewery] in Texas that’s airing on the app [Impact Plus]. He was one that stood out, and Ethan Page and Josh Alexander are another two, as well as The Rascalz and LAX. I know they’re all tag team wrestlers, but I think all those guys are super-talented and I hope I get to share the ring with them.

On If He Feels Any Pressure Going Into Slammiversary:

You know, the motivation’s definitely there, but I think I would say that the motivation’s been there since I’ve been with the company. The motivation was going into Rebellion, sitting in the locker room. The motivation has been there at every TV taping. I think that the roster as a whole just wants to put on the best wrestling product every time out, whether it’s TV or PPV. And I think that’s obviously going to amp up going into the PPV on the 7th. But I would say personally, definitely I’m motivated to have the best main event I can, and hopefully I have one of the best main events in Impact history. And I think that I could speak for the whole roster in saying that we’re all going into Slammiversary trying to make it the best show possible.

On Why He Should Be World Champ:

Like you said, there’s been so many great World champions in Impact and it gives you huge shoes to fill. But I feel right now that I’m at the best I’ve ever been, and I think that personally I can hang with anybody in there. So my goal would be to just put on matches unlike anybody’s ever seen before as World champion. And as I said, that’s very big shoes to fill, and that’s putting a lot of pressure on myself because of, like you said, the list of champions is just — man, your Samoa Joes, your Kurt Angles, your AJ Styles, like just those three alone. It’s incredible that those guys have been World champions for Impact. But I’m willing to try and put the weight of the world on my shoulders and produce some of the best matches that Impact has ever seen.

You can listen to the interview HERE.

Credit: Stephen Jackson. H/T 411Mania.

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