Mick Foley on AEW Growing Pains, AEW's Level of Talent, The Khan Family

Mick Foley on AEW Growing Pains, AEW’s Level of Talent, The Khan Family

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley recently appeared on ESPR Radio to discuss some of the growing pains he sees AEW going through.

Foley said he does keep up some with AEW, but he sees some of the issues they’re having with younger talents, and how the territory days helped with these issues during the early years of his career.

“I don’t DVR as much as I used to, but I do keep up with it. I watch clips if there’s a great promo. I don’t watch as many matches,” Foley admitted. “I know there was some growing pains where when you’re taking guys who’ve never worked for a major company. The only thing they know is to go full tilt,’get your flip,’ you know, which, every night you have to get over with a different crowd. So they’re getting they’re flying in there trying to get all their spots in and that’s not necessarily conducive for the best two-hour TV show.

“I think they kind of had a rein some of these guys in and they’re learning. One of the benefits I had is that I was in the territories. I did Memphis and I did World Class, [and] did Continental before I got my break with WCW. So I’d made a lot of my mistakes in front of the smaller organizations, smaller viewerships. These guys are going on there and that, you know, the spotlight’s on them and sometimes you can see them learning as they go.

Foley also praised AEW and said he wishes everyone the best.

“But I think the level of talent is exceptional,” Foley said. “They know where they want to go. The Khan family is in it for the long haul. They’ve got the funding. And I think it’s been a success in that TNT is really happy with the ratings, so, I wish everybody the best.”

(H/T to Fightful for the quote)

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