Mick Foley on WWE Trying to Bring Back Elements of the Attitude Era

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley recently spoke with talkSPORT and revealed that WWE is looking to bring back elements of the Attitude Era in the third hour of RAW each week.

“The idea is that the third hour is going to get rougher, wilder, and more unpredictable. When I was GM, I knew that people were breaking towards the SmackDown show because it was the darling of the Internet.

“The idea was ‘why don’t you try [having] a third hour.’ It was like a giant albatross around your neck. The third hour is really difficult. I think it’s an idea to have the third hour more unpredictable and more like the Attitude Era,” said Foley, who recently returned to RAW to introduce the new WWE 24/7 Title.

WWE recently experimented with a darker look using the lights and graphics during the third hour of RAW, but it looks like that may have been dropped with this week’s episode.

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