Missy Hyatt On The Wrestlemania 35 Main Event, Women’s Wrestling As A Draw & More

Women To Close Show At WrestleMania For First Time Ever

Missy Hyatt was recently interviewed by the “Two Man Powertrip”. During the interview, she discussed the women’s match being the main event of Wrestlemania 35 and how it is proof that women’s wrestling is a draw. She also responded to whether or not she believes that there is too much content on a weekly basis. Here are the highlights:

On Women Main Eventing Wrestlemania 35:

Let me just tell you this. I don’t watch WWE that much because it is three hours (too much for me on a Monday), than you’ve got two hours Tuesday, plus NXT for an hour and six hours is just too much for me. I watch New Japan and Mexican stuff and other things like that but getting back to your question. If the women get to be the main event I think that is great. I got to be the main event in Texas Stadium with Sunshine in our Mud-Pit match, of course it had to be main event because nobody wanted to wrestle in the ring after we got mud all over the ring. So girls can be the main event. There is no reason why females can’t be the main event and the talent they have, oh my gosh it is amazing.

On Women Being A Draw:

Girls can draw. That is what I’ve got to say, girls do draw money. They put the butts in the seats but I mean as per WWE, I like my booking long term and I don’t like the booking that has been re-written at the last minute and constant changes in the direction but I like it that they highlight the women. I think that is the coolest thing.

On Whether There Is Fan Burnout Due To All Of The Current Content:

Yeah probably. I know I would be I would be burnt out if I had to do that much TV in one week. When I was in Dallas for World Class we worked every Friday night in Dallas, every Monday night in Ft. Worth and then spot shows everywhere but we to do TV twice a week, which was great and it was fun and I loved doing that and we had promos one day a week but I loved doing that. But doing six hours? Oh my gosh, no wonder they have to have twenty-seven writers. Another pet peeve I have about it is I don’t like their scripted promos because when they come out they just don’t sound natural and it makes it hard to connect and I don’t want to knock the talent straight but with the scripted interviews, I like watching wrestling where there are no scripted interviews.

You can listen to the interview below:

Credit: Two Man Power Trip. H/T 411Mania.


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