MLW Fusion TV Report 8/31/19

MLW Fusion TV Report 8/31/19

Major League Wrestling

The first match was Injustice (Kotto Brazil, Myron Reed, and Jordan Oliver) vs Gringo Loco, Air Wolf, and Zenshi. This was a 10 minute match roughly. The finish came when Oliver hits Air Wolf with a springboard stunner from the apron and then a Kotto Brazil Shiranui.

The main event was for the MLW Heavyweight championship. It was the champion Jacob Fatu vs ‘Filthy’ Tom Lawlor. Great match that ended with Fatu hitting Lawlor with a railroad spike leading to Fatu getting the win. The rest of the Contra Unit came out and attacked. The Von Erichs come out to aid Lawlor, but the numbers game got the best of them. This led to Low Ki coming out to even the odds. It is revealed that he is the 4th member in the 4 on 4 war chamber match.


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