Mojo Rawley Mocks Fans at RAW, Talks Solving Problems and Looking In the Mirror (Video)

Mojo Rawley cut another promo during a commercial break at last night’s WWE RAW in Long Island, NY.

Below is video from the segment, which was another follow-up to the recent “man in the mirror” vignettes that saw Mojo debut new paint on his face, which he calls his shattered glass war paint.

“Man, I got some problems, y’all. Y’all got any problems? Come on now, whether it’s a boss or a relationship, make some noise if you got some problems, people. There ya go, cry out if ya got some problems. Let me hear you. Yeah, cry out because crying is the only way you people handle your problems. You whine and you complain, but you do nothing to solve your issues. But not me, nah. I solve my problems by taking a good look in the mirror, and I like what I see,” Mojo said.

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